We can influence our sleep environment by using natural materials for bed systems, mattresses and duvets. Products made out of chemically produced materials can have a negative impact on sleep. By contrast, untreated natural products support a healthy bedroom environment and they generally guarantee more relaxation than synthetic products.

RELAX® products are exclusively made of high-quality, natural raw materials - from our natural latex mattresses, to the fibres of our protectors and duvets, to our completely metal- and varnish-free solid wood beds and bed systems.


Von Prüfanstalten in Deutschland wurde die Naturreinheit des Latex, welches für die Relax Produkte verwendet wird, geprüft und bestätigt.Natural latex 
Natural rubber - also known as caoutchouc - is a sticky and milky liquid, which comes from tropical rubber trees. One of the the major suppliers of latex is Sri Lanka, where latex milk is extracted from rubber trees and processed into panels. Rubber testing laboratories in Germany confirmed that the latex we use for our products is all-natural. Natural latex mattresses possess an extremely high point elasticity, which is responsible for a good body alignment.

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Baumwollstoffe gelten als sehr hautfreundlich (sie „kratzen“ nicht) und haben ein äußerst geringes Allergiepotential.Cotton
Cotton is a natural fibre, which is obtained from seed hairs of cotton plants. Cotton fabrics are regarded as skin-friendly (particularly gentle to the skin) and have a low allergy potential. Compared to man-made fibres, cotton is very absorbent and can absorb water up to 25 percent of its own weight.


Reine Schurwolle ist die Bezeichnung für die vom lebenden Schaf gewonnene und erstmals verarbeitete Wolle.New Wool
Pure new wool is the term for wool, which is directly obtained from sheep and was never used before. It is noticeable that pure new wool can regulate temperature, which helps to stay cool in hot summers and warms comfortably in winter. Pure new wool can absorb water up to 33 percent of its own weight without feeling damp.

Wildseiden-Decken sind besonders im Sommer angenehm kühl. Sie können bis zu 40 Prozent ihres Eigengewichtes an Feuchtigkeit aufnehmen, ohne sich feucht anzufühlen und sorgen so für erholsamen Schlaf.

Wild Silk
Wild silk is produced by oak eggar caterpillars and is a pure natural product. These soft and fine fibres are light and thin, but nevertheless hard-wearing. Duvets made of wild silk are especially in summers pleasantly cool. They can absorb water up to 40 percent of their own weight without feeling damp and are, therefore, perfect for sleeping comfortably.

Tencel leitet die Feuchtigkeit vom Körper weg und sorgt für ein angenehmes Schlafgefühl.

Lyocell is a cellulose fibre which is a modern raw material made from wood. It can absorb moisture up to 25 percent of its own weight and sufficiently stores heat. Due to insulation properties, moisture is led away from your body, which makes you sleep better and more comfortably.

Zirbenholz senkt die Herzfrequenz und verbessert die Schlafqualität.

Arolla Pine
Arolla pines grow predominantly in the Central Alps at 1.200 to 2.000 metres, are resistant to frost (up to -50° C) and can become 1.000 years old. A scientific study found that the so-called "queen of the Alps" can slow the heart rate and improve sleep quality. Moreover, arolla pine has antibacterial and biocidal properties.